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About FINfluential

tThe Reason I Started FINfluential by Marcus Monero to be the Voice Of Reason and bring light to the global status quo. You can look around and start to question everything that is happening around the world. There is so much to cover and little precious time for us to spend. Here at the Finfluential I want to cover mostly our current/legacy financial and economic global system we are currently tethered, plus I will occasionally cover the geo political and cultural news and events that can have great effects in our daily lives.

Our current and global financial and economic systems we have in place in slowly breaking off or falling apart. There has been an incredible wave of change that shaking up almost every aspects of our lives whether it be –

  • Technological
  • Cultural
  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Economical
  • Financial
  • Political etc.

I have studied,researched, interviewed personally folks of various walks of life who have opened my eyes to the consequences that we will face and the Greatest Transfer Of Wealth that is about to commence within our lifetime.

There is a Great Lack & Need of True Financial Education in our educational systems all over the world. Academia hasnt prepared the students at all and most of the folks are financially in the deep end. This can have severe consequences to the global economy as well as unintended social changes which i personally believe will not get better.

Anyways, enough of the doom and gloom , Here at the Finfluential , we will be straight up talking about increasing our financial confidence , raising our human capital and attaining our economic and financial freedom.

I’m going to cover interesting topics such as the history of money/currencies; investment opportunities in precious metals like gold and silver; investing in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin- BTC,BCH,BSV and other privacy coins like Monero; Look into DeFi and lots more life changing topics we all need to know,learn and apply.

Markose Chenthitta aka Marcus Monero

Markose Chenthitta aka Marcus Monero

The Voice of Reason

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