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About FINfluential by Marcus Monero

The FINfluential by Marcus Monero is my inspiration and outlet to bring voice on topics and ideas I believe will make an incredible difference in our lives. Let me bring you back to my past on how it all started.

It all began in the Fall semester of the year 2007 when I was pursuing my higher education as well as my track career in Plainview, Texas United States, ever since I began to look into the idea of how money is created and faced some uncomfortable truths. I couldn’t go back to my old ways of thinking; I began to deep dive into all kinds of topics and connected with some interesting people working on amazing projects as well as shared some knowledge you will never be taught in the mainstream educational system anywhere in the world.

I journeyed into various things that covers every aspect of our lives, whether it be in technology, popular and ancient cultures, spirituality, economics, financial systems and political structures if the past and the present. It was a slow process, but an awakening for me to realize that we will be entering into a brave new world or I would like to state that we will be witnessing “The Greatest Transfer of Wealth” within our lifetime.

I needed an outlet or some avenue to express my voice; to share my opinions and bring light to many things that is happening all around us. I decided to start a financial education podcast that will bring light to our legacy economic and financial system that is falling apart behind the scenes, whether you are in the United States or elsewhere around the world.

I have also concluded that there is a great vacuum in the financial education in our legacy educational system all over the world. Myself and many others who I have come across are facing realities that hasn’t prepared us for the real world and faced with economic and financial realities that put us, especially the millennials in a deep financial crisis. Even baby boomers and zoomer’s are pretty much financially screwed thanks to the monetary and economic policies of the central banksters and political mafias in our respective nations.

There must be a better way and new voice that can bring in conscious individual solutions that can solve unconscious collectivists problems we have on earth. So, the FINfluential was born to the “Voice of Reason” to maximize the greatest potential in you by increasing your financial confidence, raising your human capital, and bringing the message of economic and financial freedom to the world.

I would love for you to listen and be inspired by what I have to share in every episode of the FINfluential. We are living in interesting times and its about time you heard a different voice than your mainstream news and controlled narrative out there.

Markose Chenthitta aka Marcus Monero

Markose Chenthitta aka Marcus Monero

The Voice of Reason

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