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The Voice of Reason For Sound Money, Redefining Human Capital and Bringing The Message of Economic & Financial Freedom To The World

On a Journey to Discover The True Meaning of Financial Freedom

Your Guide to Understanding Finances, Mindsets,Productivity, Manage Your Money & Using Money As A Tool To Build A Life That You Love

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About FINfluential by Marcus Monero

The FINfluential by Marcus Monero is my outlet for my passion in understanding money, managing money, creating wealth and discover the true meaning of financial freedom in our unfree world.

We are living witnesses in this period of quantitative easing aka money printing, cost of living is rising high, government interventions in the marketplace, which has created unintended consequences that is negatively shaking the global economic and financial foundations. Out of all this chaos, there are opportunities to be discovered and realized that can enable any individual to be financially free and go where they are treated best.

How did the FINfluential get started?

Let me take you on my memory lane –

It all began in the Fall semester of the year 2007 when I was pursuing my higher education as well as my track career in Plainview, Texas United States, ever since I began to investigate the idea of how money is created and faced some uncomfortable truths. I couldn’t go back to my old ways of thinking; I began to deep dive into all kinds of topics and connected with some interesting people working on amazing projects as well as shared some knowledge you will never be taught in the mainstream educational system anywhere in the world.

From technology, economics, popular cultures, ancient religions, behavioral science, human psychology etc. I had even dwelled into political philosophies and power structures from the past and the present.

I have awakened to the realization that we are entering in an age of crisis, Geo-political upheavals etc. You might have heard of the “Great Reset” or “The Great Transition” or “The Fourth Turning” or even “The Greatest Transfer of Wealth “taking place within our lifetimes.

This journey for me is a narrow and sometimes a lonely road to go along, most people are not awakened or aware of these matters. I don’t blame folks about it as they themselves don’t have the time or the energy to deal with this.

I have come to realize that most people like you and me, are caught up in a financial rat race that is keeping ourselves financially broke. Most of us are following this common plan you might be familiar-

40/40/40 plan

We work 40 hours a week to earn a paycheck to continue working for the next 40 years and hopefully we could save 40 percent of our total lifetime income we have accumulated. But we need to first ask ourselves – How is money created?

Almost anyone who I have come across have no clue how to even answer that question.  Let alone talk about budgeting, personal finance, term life insurance, whole life insurance, managing credit card debts, mortgages, tax strategies and an array of financial terms and products the traditional banking and financial services industry has to offer to the marketplace.

I would love to have a conversation about the doom, gloom, and boom in the economic and financial frontier in our world, but there is a great demand in bringing solutions for the individual, whether it be in personal finance; preparing budgets; learning the old art of saving; practicing the science of investing and of course, let’s not forget overcoming debt, which is a big deal for many of us.

What is the answer to these prevailing problems and pains we as humanity are enduring?

The answer to me is Financial Education, which will give us Financial Empowerment, which will then lead us to Financial Independence. I would also like to add that once we have Financial Independence, we can be the catalyst for Financial Freedom for all by being leaders and evangelists.

Where can we get financial education to help us?

Well, I can tell you for sure, you won’t find it in your high school, college, university, banks, financial institutions and not your government. You will not find your messiahs who will come to save you from your financial damnation.

The answer lies within you

I know very well that this is such a cryptic, spiritual or some would say occultic answer.

If you are reading this, I’m confident to say that you have already investigated the traditional education, banking, and financial space. You haven’t found good answers, or you got more doubts and questions than before.

“I have been in your shoes”

Here in the FINfluential, I dive deep into the history of money that goes back to over 5000 years and cover various aspects of personal finance, so that you can find your purpose and discover your path to attaining your financial freedom.

Remember this is just a journey, we are meant to go through a process and be strengthened by our experiences.

Just like yourself, I have started my journey a long time ago and made the decision to start this podcast to be –

The Voice of Reason for Sound Money, Human Capital and bringing the message of economic and financial freedom to the world.

Monetary and Economic policies of the Central bankers, bureaucrats and other political elites have financially destroyed various generations like the Baby Boomers, Gen X’s, Millennial’s, and Gen Z’s. but that doesn’t mean our future is broken.

Many folks have been playing the Old Rules of Money, we need to learn to play the New Rules of Money. We need to get out of being victims of this system and come out of this as Victors.

The FInfluential is all about bringing conscious individual solutions that can solve unconscious collectivist problems with the right knowledge and mindset that will help us not just survive but thrive in the new paradigm.

Here Is Your Invitation To The Finfluential By Marcus Monero To Increase Your Financial Confidence, Raise Your Human Capital And Bring The Message Of Economic And Financial Freedom To The World.

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