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My Vision

Increase Your Financial Confidence, Raise Your Human Capital and Manifest Economic and Financial Freedom To The Whole World.

Who Am I?

I’m Marcus Monero – The Host of the FINfluential Podcast By Marcus Monero & Wordsmith of The Cryptocosm. To Learn More & To Connect With Me , Find Me at

Here is some interesting things about me:-

  • Money & Financial Guide teaching people to boost their savings, overcome their debts and giving them the tools to be financially independent with a sense of humor and helping folks rejoice in the process of attaining their financial goals.
  • Blockchain/Cryptocurrency/Privacy Coin Evangelist & Expert Extraordinaire in Cryptocurrency Investing – Art of the HODL
  • Libertarian Purist/ANarcho-CAPitalist – All About Focusing On Conscious Individual Solutions To Solve Unconscious Collectivist Problems.
  • Free Markets/ Austrian Economics Advocate
  • Middle Distance & Long Distance Athlete/ Health Conscious & Fitness Enthusiast
  • Life Long Student of  Entrepreneurship, Upskill Advocate for Digital Marketing.

My Story

I have been an avid student in pursuit of learning in the field of Personal Finance, Investing, Cryptocurrencies, Entrepreneurship, etc.

In my early days, I studied and witnessed the necessity to have the right knowledge and right network of people who can help you increase your income, wealth, and influence in the marketplace.

My Journey commenced around 2006, when I first learnt about the History of The Creation of Money, especially the Truth about the US Federal Reserve System and Our Global Economic and Financial System. I have also witnessed the Great Financial Meltdown in 2008 and saw folks lose almost everything financial as well as to see folks unable to recover physically, mentally and spiritually.

I have experienced my own failures and shortcomings in my life that has made me hit rock bottom and vulnerable. Eventually I found my strength and persisted to overcome all kinds of obstacles in my life. I missed out great opportunities that would require capital and skills, but I was not in a place to capitalize these opportunities.

So, I made the decision to make real changes in my life that will prepare and position myself to be ready for the next opportunities we will surely see as I truly believe we are entering into the Greatest Transfer of Wealth in the history of Mankind. I want to be ready for this and I also want many others to grab these opportunities of our lifetimes.

Therefore,the FINfluential By Marcus Monero was born with the purpose to influence people towards the right direction as well as to introduce the listeners to new ideas, concepts and interesting individuals who can shed a unique light to the financial realities we are facing all around us.


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Marcus Monero

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“Your True Wealth is your Time and Freedom. Money is just a tool in trading your Time. It’s a container to store your Economic Energy until you are ready to deploy it.” 

FINfluential By Marcus Monero

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