FINfluential Foundation Skills Program

Increase Your Financial Confidence, Raise Your Human Capital & Manifesting Economic & Financial Freedom For The World Through You

All the practical foundational knowledge you ever need to get into Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies & Digital Assets

why does it exist?

To bring power, control & financial security to you and your family.

How is it different?

Clear Simple Steps for you to learn, build new skills with ease,confidence & satisfaction.

What does it provide?

The FINfluential Foundational live class as an opportunity for individuals as well as small groups to learn and develop new skills in being part of the revolution in currency, finance etc. The FINfluential has its own podcast that covers financial and economic topics that really matters to the you.

There will be upcoming workshops,virtual classes as well as meetups on the topic of cryptos,blockchain,personal finance etc.

WHY take the FINfluential Foundation Program?


Your time is the most valuable thing you have. You can  Google or YouTube to assemble all kinds of information, but you need someone like myself who has done the work in simple and easy steps as well as provide the necessary education and strategy to help you navigate safely and securely.

With the FINfluential Foundation Program you gain real skills by learning exactly how one concept relates to another and then how to actually DO something with that information.

Current World Scenario

The Bad News

Let me start with the bad news and keep abreast with the current global scenario –

  • A Virus Is Disrupting The Global Economy

Government lockdowns are causing the global economy to stall, sending shockwaves through financial markets. #economicactivityishumanactivity

  • Governments Are Printing Money At Record Rates

The value of cash is falling fast as governments print money at a breath taking pace which cannot be sustained.

  • The Stock Market Is Looking Extremely Fragile

Stock markets are experiencing wild swings as investors emotions swing between certainty and uncertainty.

  • Banks Are Paying Almost No Interest On Savings

Every month, money in a savings account is losing value at a faster rate than it is earning interest.

  • The Cost Of Living Is Rising Fast From Inflation

Vast money printing means your money buys less and less every month as inflation causes all prices to rise.

#moneyprintergobrrrrrr –  Remember the Federal Reserve and Central Banks are printing infinitely

The Good News –

There is a Plan B


By the end of the FINfluential Foundation Program

  • Your desktop will be installed with the most amazing Bitcoin wallet software
  • Your phone will have the best Bitcoin wallet app
  • Your desktop and phone wallets will be syncronised as one single wallet for utter simplicity
  • You will have sent and received your very first Bitcoin transactions to and from your instructor
  • You’ll know exactly how Bitcoin transactions work and how to keep fees low
  • You’ll know how to protect your privacy when using Bitcoin
  • You’ll be able to look up any transaction on the Bitcoin network
  • You’ll know how to track incoming and outgoing Bitcoin transactions for absolute certainty about where your Bitcoin is at any one time
  • Get accounts setup with two of the best platforms for buying, selling and trading Bitcoin
  • Have a no skill strategy setup for buying and profiting from the gradual increases to the Bitcoin price
  • Have a clear and simple way to track the Bitcoin that you buy and the price change since you bought it
  • You’ll have a Bitcoin savings account setup to earn interest on your Bitcoin
  • Be able to buy things for a huge discount when paying with Bitcoin
  • Be able to sell your Bitcoin back into fiat currencies like USD,GBP etc. whenever you want to
  • Be introduced to the basics of trading Bitcoin for other cryptocurrencies to increase the amount of Bitcoin that you own
  • Have a tool that allows you to exchange your Bitcoin for other cryptocurrencies in a single click
  • Have total peace of mind that you have everything setup the right way
  • Have the confidence that you have setup your Bitcoin toolkit under the care and guidance of an experienced instructor
  • Have your Bitcoin stored in a way that is safe from theft, hacks and mistakes

Live Class features

60 min web class per week for 4 weeks

Online Interactive using Zoom

Live Demos , Interactive Q & A weekly class and assignments

100 % practical content

Absolute confidence in setting up correctly and securely


Who is this for?

  • Those who have a strong desire to get into Bitcoin but have so far been too scared to jump in
  • People who don’t currently have any Bitcoin
  • People who have a lot of anxiety about getting it wrong and losing their money because of things they didn’t know
  • People who are just starting out and want a simple, secure and low risk way of joining the Bitcoin revolution before moving on to more complex assets
  • People who really want an exact step by step system to follow so they don’t get overwhelmed
  • People who want to get setup for real, carrying out the practical steps under the guidance of an experienced instructor for total peace of mind
  • People who want to own some Bitcoin AND want to actually put it to good use

Program Timeline

Week 1 – Desktop & Mobile Wallet Setup


Week 2 –  Transaction, Fees & Privacy


Week 3 –  Buying, Strategy and Tracking Gains


Week 4  – Using , Making and Saving Money


Week 5 – Final Q & A , Recap & Support

(Program timeline is subjected to change)

Who is this NOT for ?

  • Those who have already been in Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies for a while
  • Those who already have a Bitcoin wallet and some experience using it
  • People who like learning about Bitcoin but don’t really want to do anything with it

Crypto Wallet

You will have the best Bitcoin wallet software installed and setup in your desktop. Plus, you get one of the best Bitcoin wallet app for your phone, whether its an Apple or an Android. but , wait there is more.

Your desktop and mobile wallets will be in sync as one single wallet.This will make your experience so simple and amazing.


INcrease your financial confidence – Raise Your Human Capital –  Manifesting Financial & Economic Freedom for the world

Are You Looking To Dive Into Crypto?

What Do I Need To Do To Sign Up ?

These are the following items you need to be successful for this program –

1. A Windows, Apple or Linux computer

2. An Android or Apple smartphone

3. A broadband internet connection

4. Zoom meeting software installed

You can complete this class with computer or phone, but we assume you’ll want to use both in different situations.

The Important Item of all –

5) A Notebook or Journal – Trust me , You’ll need it 😉

Program Fees

THe FINfluential Foundation Program upfront payment is USD 150.

This is a special offer for a LIMITED TIME. Sign Up, Join In ASAP before the prices Go UP


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