Recently in my podcast the FINfluential , i did an episode on the topic of the term i have coined recently “The Solo- Capitalist”. In this episode , i have described that we have entered a new era of the digital age where Blockchain ,Fintech, AI and various other BIG IDEAS are changing the world in a whole new direction.

With the advent of Blockchain particularly the release of the Bitcoin Whitepapers on January 9th 2008 commenced a new paradigm shift in our daily routines, work schedule, politics, social order etc. The Blockchain technology is not the only reason , there are various technologies that has spurred new innovation like 3D Printing , in my humble opinion is an underestimated technology that can disrupt so many things we are used to in our daily lives as well as in governance; this point i would elaborate more in a later stage as there are several details to explain.

I would like to list several innovative technologies that can change humanity to levels we have never reached before; these technologies will disrupt our social, political, economical as well as shake many governments and corporations who are too slow or narrow minded to understand these technologies.

The Big Technological Ideas That has already begun changing are :

  • Deep Learning- From Vision to Language
  • Streaming Media – The Primary Technology Behind Content Distribution
  • Electric Vehicles -Faster Adoption Than Most Think
  • Automation – Increased Productivity and More Jobs
  • 3D Printing – An Underestimated Technology
  • Autonomous Ridehailing – The Future Of Transportation
  • Aerial Drones – A Cost Saver & Potential Life Saver
  • Next Generation DNA Sequencing – Transformation Of Oncology
  • Biotech R&D Efficiency – Convergence In Healthcare

Digital Wallets & Bitcoin – The Transformation In Banking; The Evolution of Money

The above list of technologies is changing our economy dramatically and those who don’t pay attention will lose out in the ” Greatest Transfer Of Wealth” the world has ever seen.

If you remember the old days back in school , we learnt about how the economy is growing due to various factors like Import & Export, Land values, Labor and host of other variables , but this new economy will be growing based on an interesting value in the mix of other indicators i.e Entrepreneurship.

Our Economic Growth will be driven by innovation, its not going to be driven by governments,bureaucrats, etc , it will be driven by the individual, especially the individual will truly need to be a Global Citizen as he/she is not just competing on a local level anymore, The whole wide world is a great and grand marketplace , where products, services and ideas can be translated in various values or value transfer protocols.

We as the individuals working together need to realize our world has changed and we all need to keep innovating and keep on becoming more efficient to be able to address the serious issues head on in our lifetime. We wont be delegating and expecting governments,political parties or someone else to save us or bail us out or protect us from problems.

Dealing with the current pandemic has brought in two implications that will change we operate in the new economy or lets say the New Digital Era.

Digitization -The New Digital Economy; Digitally native good and services

Democratization -Solo Capitalist ; You will never regret in betting on yourself

We are living through a great transition where several innovative technologies that i have listed above to the ever changing digitized economy has manifested a new breed of investors. There are several trends will create a breed of investor , i would like to coin them as “The Solo-Capitalist”

A New Breed ; A New Class of 2020 of Investors will be The Solo- Capitalists will arise from these following trends:

  • A Transition Away From Institutions
  • Increased Need for Individual Identity
  • Decreased Friction for Audience Building
  • Greater Focus on a Decentralized Investor Base
  • Increasing Desire for Removal of Middlemen
  • A Rise in Solo-capitalist Tools and Platforms

The above trends are ramping up as we speak, The Pandemic has already changed the way we do business and work on a massive scale. Many of the traditional business practices cant survive any more , they have to adopt various methods and strategies from the Digital Nomads , especially in the Internet and E-Commerce space have been using tools and platforms to be able to work anywhere as well as to hope to various locations around the world where they are treated best.

Cryptocurrencies and other decentralized blockchain projects and solutions is allowing people to be able to conduct business and provide value in the global marketplace without any intermediaries etc. Many folks are able to create inter-generational wealth within their lifetimes, which is hard to fathom for the average Joe’s and Jane’s out there.

There is a great awakening in the political and social realms where we see so much of strife and chaos erupting all over the world, which has caused the Smart Money to maintain their privacy as well as to keep their lives and especially their wealth mobile as people around the globe are losing their faith this centralized systems and authorities.

There is incredible knowledge and insights to share , but i will be laying out more details of the Rise of the Solo- Capitalist in my upcoming episodes on my podcast the FINfluential.

Stay tuned for more details on the Topic of the Rise of the Solo-Capitalist in the FINfluential. You can find the FInfluential by Anchor and Spotify for more details.

If you have read this till the end, Thank you for Reading .